Southeast Tour 06/2010

"This is as exciting as it gets... touring around the country, not knowing what's over the next hill or around the next corner..."

"I know what's around the next hill or corner... trees, rocks, cows, and maybe a dead dear...BOOOOORING!!"

That's as snippet of conversation between myself and my 14 year old daughter... But, let's start at the beginning.

Months ago I decided it was time I toured the Southeastern states.  Soon as I mentioned it, my youngest daughter Krystal started begging me to let her go with me.  Hmmmm... she likes to go for motorcycle rides but had never done anything more than a day ride.  I wasn't sure it was a good idea; not sure she could last.  The first day ride we went on, last years, she started falling asleep... not a good thing on the back of a motorcycle.  Last day ride, earlier this year, she at least managed to stay awake. Told her we would be doing some camping, and she was ok with that, so figured why not let her go.  Plan was to go for a week to two weeks, depending on how it went...   

So, there were some preparations to be made; she had the gloves, helmet and jacket but needed a good pair of riding boots and a rain suit. So, daddy went online, bought a rain suit, and got her approval on a pair of riding boots. Well, as the day drew near she started ho'ing and huming about that camping... she watches way too many horror flicks where kids get terrorized in the woods...  The only thing left to buy was a queen size blowup mattress; that's about the biggest that could fit in the tent.  But a week before the departure date she said she wasn't going... women... and teenage women to boot!  She had every excuse in the book...

Day before departure and she was back in... <rolling my eyes>.  Again some last minutes shopping for jeans and socks, and the trip was on.  I gave her a saddle bag, told her she can take anything she can squeeze in there... "... and make sure you have at least three days of clothes and sandals...",  "Yeah, Dad, I know-a!" ... yeah, she know-a-s everything <rolling eyes again>... Was I crazy?...  Yeah, probably...  So, here's how it went... (some routes are approximate, your mileage may vary)...  :)  Overall we covered just over 2300 miles...

Day 1, Thursday 6/17/2010

Friday 6/18/2010

Saturday 6/19/2010

Sunday 6/20/2010

Monday 6/21/2010

Tuesday 6/22/2010 and Wednesday 6/23/2010

Thursday 6/24/2010 and Friday 6/25/2010