The Real Solution for COVID: I-MASK+ and MATH+ USE IT!!
By Ves Sladin 8/23/2021

Let me first say that I really appreciate that Alabama passed a law to prevent discrimination against people based on their vaccination status. Compared to what's going on in some states and other countries, it's a huge relief to know that government believes in freedom of choice and personal sovereignty. However, I believe there is still room for improvement as it relates to the message that is being pushed.

I've seen multiple news stories where leaders are being quoted as saying that everyone needs to be vaccinated and that it's the quickest way to get out of this mess. Unfortunately those statements are inaccurate, and I challenge them to do the research. The fact is that the vaccines do not work. That can now be easily seen if you look at what has happened in the highly vaccinated states and in other countries. Anyone that is still pushing vaccination as the solution to our problems is misinformed, or is outright lying.

The biggest proof that the vaccines do not work is Israel. They have vaccinated almost everyone that is eligible and currently they are seeing a huge spike in "cases", with 85% of new infections happening in fully vaccinated individuals. And, nearly 60% of the hospitalized patients are fully vaccinated. This is all over the news and can be easily verified. Forbes even published an article in May talking about the fact that 4 of the 5 most vaccinated countries were seeing a surge in COVID cases; Israel, United Arab Merits, Chile, and Bahrain. And it's only gotten worse since then. And what's the proposed solution? Boosters! Last I heard, doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is called insanity.

On the other hand, we have a country like Sweden that has basically refused to impose any kind of mandates on it's people, and is 14th on the list of vaccinated countries, which has deaths per capita lower than many of the other large population, more highly vaccinated, European countries, including Belgium, Italy, UK, Romania, Spain, France, Portugal and even fewer deaths than the United States. As of July 30th they had only around 14,000 deaths attributed to COVID. It appears they have reached herd immunity or at least a very high level of resistance, faster than anyone else, by doing very little other than letting people live their lives.

And let me just sidebar for a second here. I am so tires of hearing about "cases". Cases are irrelevant. A PCR test can turn up positive for any number of reasons that may have nothing to do with you having an active infection or being able to infect anyone else. So, can we just stop with the "cases". I'm mean, the test literally takes whatever small sample of DNA is taken from your nose and clones it until there is a relatively huge amount of the same material. This is the "cycles" you hear of. With every cycle the material volume is doubled/cloned. So, even if you have just a spec of virus DNA, which is not necessarily COVID material either, could be cold or flu Corona Virus, the test will multiply it until there is a huge amount of it. The problem with that is that sickness has to do with Viral load, how much of the virus is active in your body. If I take one spec, and run it through 40 cycles, which creates trillions of copies, how does that related to the viral load in my body, and my ability to infect others? IT DOESN'T. Whereas, let's say you do have a high viral load, and assuming it's Sars COVID-19, and you run ten cycles on the PCR and come up positive, and you have some symptoms, then yeah, you probably should get yourself to a doctor. The point being, at best, the PCR test is a supplement to a real diagnosis. Even the inventor of the test said it couldn't be used to diagnose... so stop with the "cases".

Now, if the vaccines were proven safe, and there was no other treatment available, then yes, why not push vaccination, even if it doesn't guarantee you will not get sick, at least people feel like they have done their part. But the fact is they are not safe and there are better, safe, treatments. The government's own VAERS database shows thousands of adverse reactions and deaths, and it's knows that at most only 1-10% of actual issues get reported in that database. Whereas, frontline doctors have come up with treatment protocols that reduce the number of sever cases and deaths by 85%. Imagine the number of lives that could have been saved... hundreds of thousands of lives. But these treatments are not being talked about in the news. Whenever you hear anything about them it's things like people trying to self treat with Ivermectin, ingesting a toxic dose, and having to go to the hospital. Everything you hear in the mainstream news is negative, but if you talk to actual doctors treating patients, these treatments work. Search out Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, who is a frontline doctor. He has treated over 6000 patients personally, and the treatments work. He also warns about the dangers of the vaccines.

Even if we ignore the VAERS database, there are other dangers associated with the vaccines; long term effects. Even though we hear about people with blood clots, seizures, hemorrhaging, heart problems, and death, shortly after vaccination, there is a bigger issue with the vaccines (what could be bigger than immediate deaths?). Many microbiologists, and even the inventor of the mRNA vaccine technology, who has worked in the vaccine industry for decades, has come out and said that this is clearly a mistake. The problem being that the vaccines turn our bodies into factories of spike proteins, which doctors first thought was a harmless part of the virus, but it turns out is actually highly toxic to our entire system. These spike proteins get distributed throughout our bodies (they are suppose to stay in the arm muscle) and attach themselves to the cells of our capillaries, which causes two things to occur; 1) clotting, because the lining of the vessels is no longer smooth, and 2) attack of the vessels by our own immune system, which detects these spikes on our vessel walls, and destroys the cells they are attached to. When that happens, our vessels actually become damaged and leak blood into areas of the body where whole blood does not belong (thing of having a wall with many nails in it, when you pull the nails out of the wall, you have a bunch of holes). This blood that leaks through the walls of the vessels carries with it spike protein mRNA (genetic material) into the cells of our organs, turns them into factories where the spike proteins are again produced, and now our own immune system attacks those organ cells because it detects the spike proteins there. It is autoimmune disease on a scale that has never before been seen, and within six months to a few years it will become much more obvious. AND the more shots you get, the more spike proteins your body will produce and circulate through your body, and the more damage will be done. So, you may want to think hard about NOT getting a "booster".

Also, there is this whole problem with the vaccines of immune enhancement, meaning when you do get the actual virus, your immune system overreacts and causes even more damage. And let's not even get into the whole variants problem.

So, yeah, what's worse than deaths after taking the vaccine? Many deaths down the road from all the damage they are doing.

Ok, but if the vaccines are ineffective, and dangerous, then what? We're screwed? Well, first, let's not get all wound up. Yeah, COVID is real, and people are dying from it, although definitely not as many as we are lead to believe. For the past 17 years, the CDC standards for how death certificates are filled out have been unchanged, until COVID started, at which point it was changed such that anyone who died, if they were "positive" for COVID, had to be listed with COVID as the primary cause of death. Normally there would be a review and discussion about such a drastic change, but in this case it was just put through. No public discussion. Many doctors came out and talked about this when the change first happened. So, how many COVID deaths are actually COVID? Who knows. Another thing to consider is how many flu deaths have there been in the last couple of years? Way fewer than any other year. So, has the flu and the deaths it causes just disappeared? Doubt it. So, you may want to take the COVID death numbers with a grain of salt. Because if you died from an infection due to an ingrown toenail, and you happened to test positive via PCR test, they would list you as dying from COVID. The most ridiculous real world case of this was in Florida a motorcycle rider who died in a crash, in fact did have COVID, and cause of death was listed as COVID... until someone finally reviewed the information and said WTF? I kid you not, look it up. How many other COVID deaths are not really COVID deaths?

Anyway, what do we do? People are dying, the vaccines aren't working (and the fact that the FDA just approved the first vaccine doesn't make it work any better and it doesn't make it safer). ...Check out put out by the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance. On there you will find the I-MASK+ and MATH+ treatment protocols. These have been developed by frontline doctors and they work. Several different readily available drugs and vitamins are used. The first is preventative and at home treatment, and the second is in hospital treatment. Doctors who use these protocols say they work, and who are you going to believe, the guys treating patients, and having success, or the bureaucrats sitting behind their desk at the NIH, CDC, FDA, and WHO, who have their hands deep in big Pharma's pockets. Let me give you a hint... BELIEVE THE DOCTORS WHO ARE ACTUALLY TREATING PATIENTS AND HAVING SUCCESS... instead of the one's that are putting people on respirators and inducing comas from which they will most likely never wake up.

On the FLCCC site you will also find charts of COVID-19 data from India, where Ivermectin was being used. In fact it was working so well, that after the WHO convinced several Indian states to abandon Ivermectin, deaths went up significantly, but deaths in the state that stayed with the treatment continued to be low, and now the Indian bar association is suing the WHO (World Health Organization) for causing the deaths of Indian citizens.

If you are a healthcare worker, and you really care about saving lives, get familiar with what's on the FLCCC site. Use the protocols, teach others to use them. If you are someone who thinks they have COVID, go to your doctor and present the treatment to them and have them treat you accordingly. If they won't, find someone who will.

The obvious question is, if this works so well, then why aren't more doctors using it? Because, the vaccines are under Emergency Use Authorization, which is only as good as long as there is no other treatment. Do you know how many billions the Pharmaceutical industry would lose if it officially came out that there was a treatment for COVID-19, especially one that has been around since this all started? They are not going to let that happen, and the NIH, CDC, WHO, and even the FDA get funding from the pharmaceutical industry, so do you really think they are going to let the word get out that there is a treatment? Doctors are literally being reprimanded when they suggest anything else works besides the vaccines. Most of them are scared for their livelihoods.

Think about it. Everything I've said here can easily be verified with some Internet searching. Don't just believe what you're being told by the media, the NIH, CDC, WHO, FDA, etc... they are biased and have conflicts of interest.

A wise man has many counselors. Why? Are all the counselors going to tell you the same thing? No, some will lie, some will tell you the truth, some will tell you a very scewed version of the truth. It's your responsibility to decipher what the truth is. You are the wise man. Get wise. Your health is your responsibility. FLCCC guidelines first DO NO HARM, which you definitely can not say for the vaccines.

Wake up folks. If we let them steamroll us on this, there will be no stopping what else we will get steamrolled on. IT STOPS NOW, IT STOPS HERE, WITH EACH ONE OF US getting educated, and choosing the better option.