NPR and Pien Huang Propaganda on Ivermectin
By Ves Sladin 9/19/2021

This is a copy of a letter I sent to NPR.

I just finished reading your "How Ivermectin became the new focus..." article by Pien Huang and I'd like to point out three important facts that your reporter failed to mention. If I am wrong about the facts I'm going to mention then I want you to tell me why they are wrong. Show me proof that they are wrong. If I am right, then you need to either retract this story or reprint it, with the relevant facts mentioned. I expect one or the other, or I will take further action against your organization.

First, she talks about cases where patients have taken doctors to court to force them to prescribe Ivermectin. Yes, this has happened multiple times, and in most of the cases, the doctors were forced to give the Ivermectin. What your reporter conveniently omits, is that the medication actually saved the patients lives. Don't you think that's a relevant fact to mention if you're trying to present the facts? Or, is saving lives not an important part of this discussion?

Second, How about Pradesh India, which I believe has over 240 million citizens, and has got their COVID deaths down to near zero. How did they accomplish this? Ivermectin. Not to mention other countries in the world that are also having huge success treating the population with Ivermectin.

Third, she talks about the Frontline doctors, but she doesn't mention that they are responsible for saving tens of thousands of lives using their treatment protocols, which include Ivermectin and HQC. And also Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, who personally has treated and saved over 7000 patients, in New York, during the height of the Pandemic, and since then, using a similar protocol as the FLCCC.

The facts are obvious to anyone. Ivermectin has become a focus because in real world use, by doctors who have actually saved lives and are saving lives every day, and have nothing to gain by pushing Ivermectin, it has proven to be effective both in the prevention and treatment of COVID. A fact that your reporter conveniently overlooks.

What possible excuse is there for not including these facts in your story? Do you realize that by not presenting the facts, and in fact making Ivermectin out to be some unproven medication, just because it hasn't had clinical trials, you are literally killing people. The facts make it clear that in the US alone, if like in India, Ivermectin was widely used (instead of suppressed by the likes of NIH, AMA, CDC, and the vaccine manufacturers), hundreds of thousands of lives could have been saved. Can you really sleep at night, knowing you are putting out information that is discouraging people from seeking a proven life saving drug? If people die, because they read your story, and are discouraged from considering Ivermectin as an alternative treatment, their death is on your hands.

IF THE ABOVE THREE FACTS ARE NOT TRUE THEN PROVE TO ME THEY ARE NOT. I want to hear your argument. But if the above three facts are true, then you owe all you readers an apology, and you need to print the facts about why Ivermectin is a focus and why it should be, so that lives can be saved. This is even more important now that highly vaccinated countries like Israel and the UK are showing that the vaccines are failing and that many vaccinated people are in hospitals. Vaxed unvaxed it doesn't matter. People will die unnecessarily because you are pushing an agenda rather than presenting the facts. In the same light, if you present the facts you could be responsible for saving thousands of lives.