Merck and FDA Say Let's Make More Money Instead of Save More Lives
By Ves Sladin 10/2/2021

This is an open letter about, and to, Merck Pharma and the FDA regarding the new COVID pill. Let's start with a little background.

Merck manufactures Ivermectin, but the patents are up, so lots of people manufacture it.. So, Merck really can't make much money off of it. Right now the cost of Ivermectin is actually somewhere around $12 a dose, which is high, because of demand.

Ivermectin, a Nobel prize winning drug, in addition to being used and promoted by leading doctors at FLCCC and by Dr. Zelenko, has been proven by India and Japan, among other countries, to basically eliminate COVID. When used early it practically eliminates hospitalizations and death by 80%+ compared to no early treatment. This can be easily verified by anyone that cares. And based on the latest data out of Israel and other highly vaccinated areas, Ivermectin works way better than the vaccines! Again, easy to verify if you care.

Well, now, Merck has a new pill, developed for COVID-19 early treatment, which apparently is less than 50% effective, but is about to get Emergency Use Authorization by the FDA, and the US (our tax dollars) will be buying 1.7 million doses, at... $700/dose.

So, it's a pill that doesn't work as well as Ivermectin, and will allow more people to die, at 350x the price per dose. And somehow, we're suppose to believe that this is better?

How is it that the FDA can give a new pill, which has no long term safety data, an EUA, but they couldn't give one to Ivermectin, which is known to have no sigificant side effects, and decades of safety data?

So, we're suppose to take Merck's word that this is a better drug than Ivermectin, based on some lab testing and early trials, as opposed to taking the word of leading front line doctors in the US and countries around the world? And how exactly is it better when it's less than 50% effective?

Oh, and every main stream media channel is already running stories on the new pill, because Merck did a pre-approval press release. Nothing like a lot of free advertisement! Compare that to Ivermectin which was touted as "horse paste".

Serously, could it be any more obvious that the media, and pharma, and the FDA are sleeping together? And that this is nothing but a money making scheme for Merck, that will still end up costing lives. Because if the new drug becomes part of the official protocol, than Ivermectin will never become part of the official protocol, and people will die needlessly. Yes, lives will be saved that would not have been saved before, but more lives would be saved if Ivermectin was officially part of the protocol.

I also wonder, well, if you're going to make the money, why not just make a pill that's as effective as Ivermectin? Save a bunch of lives AND make money? I'm guessing because then it would be a direct competitor for the vaccines, and we can't have that, can we? In fact they seem to be careful about saying this pill is for "mild" cases. Clearly this is a much better solution for Merck. Pharma is making money on vaccines AND the pills. As far as the fact that this pill will still allow more deaths, and that the vaccines will still kill and cripple people with the adverse effects... well, no need to worry about that, or least the FDA, main stream media, and the Pharma companies don't don't need to worry about that.

Oh, and I'm sure the EUA for the pills will be in effect just as long as the vaccines, because if they approved the pill sooner, then the vaccines would be off the market. But maybe not, being that's it's only advertised for "mild" cases, the vaccines would still be needed.

Wow! What a genius devious plan. The drive for profits definitely has no conscience. Merck, FDA, and all the main stream media, you should all be ashamed of yourselves. I have no idea how you sleep at night knowing that your actions are responsible for killing people.