Hypocracy of Sheriff Miyamoto of San Francisco
by Ves Sladin 10/11/2021

A video was just put out by Sheriff Miyamoto regarding vaccination mandates on Vimeo entitled "A Message from Sheriff Miyamoto to You".

If you go to the SF Sheriff's web page, at the bottom it says, "our job is to keep people safe".

I can not think of a bigger hipocracy, than to have the sheriff, who is tasked with protecting peoples constitutional right, and says their job is to keep people safe, is actually making videos pushing vaccinations to those that don't want them.

What's even worse is that on the sheriffs site there is a COVID-19 section, and in multiple places it says the vaccines are safe and effective. I guess the tens of thousands of documented adverse effects and deaths don't matter. Everyone repeat after me, "The vaccines are safe and effective!" Yay!

I wrote a letter to the Sheriff, and I will copy it here, to make it public record, that he was told that he needs to cease and desist, and either do his job, which is to protect the people, or resign. This can not be allowed to stand.


I just saw a message from Sheriff Miyamoto regarding the vaccination mandate, telling those who haven't been vaccinated that they should do so and that it will be a requirement.

First, a sheriff's duty is to protect people's constitutional rights. Do you really feel that coercing (and it's definitely coercions) people to do something they don't want to, to put a drug into their body that they don't want, is not a breach of the Constitution of the United States?

Second, you do realize that the vaccines are experimental, correct? That's why they are under Emergency Use Authorization. They are currently in trial, meaning that they are being trialed on us, on the whole world, and those studies will not be done for years yet. That means that the long term studies regarding safety have not been done yet, so there can be no claim about the safety of these vaccines. In your COVID page you say there are safe and effective. Since the trials are not complete, their safety can not be stated. But in fact, the VAERS (government database) shows tens of thousands of adverse reactions, and deaths. They are clearly not safe. And, as for being effective, they also are not. All the most highly vaccinated countries have the highest hospitalization rates for COVID, and that includes more vaccinated people than unvaccinated. Israel is the most obvious example.

Being that the vaccines are experimental (Note the one that got "approval", Comernaty, is actually not available yet for several years) under EUA, their use in human beings is an experiment. As such, there are at least two laws which apply:

1. The Nuremberg Code, which is International and was put in place, after WWII, specifically to regulate using experimental drugs on human subjects. The first part of that code says that subjects must provide informed consent, without any kind of coercion. Mandates, especially those that threaten a persons job and limit social movement, definitely qualify as coercion. There are nine other points in the code, and I'd say at least 8 of those 10 are being broken. Breaking these codes is punishable by death. I suggest you read that code.
2. Title 21 CFR 50.20, 50.23, and 50.24 also address experimentation with human subjects, and among other things, it also clearly states that informed consent, without coercions, is absolutely necessary.

Informed consent is not possible because the ingredients of the vaccines have not been available, and there is not "information", especially regarding long term effects. You can't give informed consent.

Understand that these are actual laws and the "mandates" do not override those. These mandates are clearly government overreach. Anyone participating in the coercion of individuals to get the vaccine, when they have already decided to not to get it, breaks these laws. You are breaking these laws.

Also, use of the Vaccines through EUA, is dependent on there being no other known treatment. It is very clear at this point that there are multiple other treatments that do work. This can be easily proven by doctors who have used such treatments on thousands of people successfully, and have testified to Congress to that effect. Therefore, there is not even an emergency any more, and the vaccines should not even be used.

The law never stops anyone from committing a crime. Those who commit crimes have to be charged, tried and sentenced. Our President and many in government, the CDC, WHO, AMA, and the Pharma companies, are all breaking the law, and they are getting away with it because they are being allowed to get away with it. But new lawsuits are being filed every day, and justice will be served.

As the sheriff, you should stand on the side of the citizens and their Constitutional Rights. You are not there to protect the government, you are there to protect the citizens. If you and your staff are not going to do that then you should all resign.

I would consider this very carefully. If even one person is injured or dies because of the vaccine, because you coerced them into taking it, you will also be liable for that injury or death. Check the government data, people are dying of the vaccines. Are you really willing to take the risk that you will be responsible for any deaths?

If you do not cease and desist pushing these experimental treatments and coercing people to get them, you will be held accountable, in a court of law, for crimes against humanity.