The End Times and the Second Coming
This is paraphrasing, so go read the verses for yourself!

Isaiah 2:3
A time will come when no one trains for war
Isaiah 11:6-9 Animals will not eat each other.
Isaiah 65:17-25 New Heaven and Earth. No more crying. People will live a long time, 100 will be young. Animals will no longer eat each other.
Daniel 9:26 The Anointe One (Jesus) will be killed, Temple will be destroyed, war will continue until the end, a ruler will make a treaty for 3.5 years, then end sacrifice and offerings, he will set up a sacrilegious object, end comes 3.5 years later. 12 knowledge will increase, a time of anguish like no other, all people who's names are in the book of life will be rescued, dead will rise
Micah 4:3 Will not train for war
Zephaniah 1,2,3,; Everyting will be swept of the face of the Earth, even strong men will cry out, terrible distress and anguish, a terifying end to all the people of the earth, gather nations before the judgement, no more time to repent, many nations there are no survivors, lowly and humble will remain, the Lord, the King will live among you,
Zachariah 9:10 His rule will extend across the whole world.
Zachariah 14; The nations fight against Jerusalem, the Lord (King, Jesus) sets foot on the mount of Olives and create a valley, the sun and moon will no longer shine but there will still be light, water will flow toward the Mediteranian and the Red Sea, he will be King over all the Earth, a plague will strike all the nations fighting Jerusalem, they will all go to Jerusalem to worhip God and Jesus.
Matt 16:27
When Jesus returns he will reward each person.
Matt 24:4-25
Signs of Jesus's return.  Many false Messiahs performing signs, wars among nations, famines, earthquakes. The beginnings of birth pains. Persecution of Christians in all nations (This is a key point. Christians can't be persecuted in all nations if the Gospel didn't spread to all. I use China and Japan as examples, the Christian church didn't come there for centuries). Many abandon the faith, and lose love.  Gospel preached to all nations, then the end. Distress that will never be equalled again. (One theory says that the second coming already happened, clearly that's not true, because the greatest distress the world has ever seen happened during the world wars, not at any other time.  But, since Jesus didn't return after either of those wars, something worse is yet to come.)
Matt 24:26-30 Coming of Jesus will be visible across the entire sky, like lightning. It will not be secret.  Also, the Son of Man will come while some Apostles are alive. (Judas died.  The Kingdom of God is the Church, it started on the day of Pentecost; Acts 2. Two different things are being talked about here.  Start of Kingdom and Second Coming.  Because Pentecost was local, but Jesus' coming will be visible like lightning across the entire sky.)
Matt 24:30-31 After the distress of those days, the sign of the Son of Man will appear in heaven and all people will mourn.
Matt 24:31 Loud trumpet call. Angels will gather his elect.
Matt 24:34 This generation (the one that sees all the above signs) will not pass away until these things take place. (Some say "this" refers to the generation living after Jesus. But, since many of the events talked about, including the Gospel being preached to the entire word, did not happen within that generation, "this" has to mean the generation that sees all the signs, not the one living at the time).
Mark 13:24-27 Following the great distress the heavens and stars will be shaken.
Luke 17:24-24 The Kingdom is not visible, it is among us (spiritual kingdom). But a day will come when Jesus will come like lightning (visible to all).
Luke 21:7-28 Lot going on here, but 7-11 is end times, 12-24 is Jerusalem, and 25 -28 is back to end times.  In 12 Jesus says, "before all this"(7-11).  Notice that his return (27) comes afer the Jews have been scattered to the nations, during the times of the Gentiles. Fact is Jerusalem has been tramppled on ever since then.  And part of the dispersion took place after a revolt in AD132-136.
Romans 10:16-18 The message has gone out to the entire earth (doesn't say it has spread across the entire earth; Japan China are perfect examples, first churches there didn't come until hundreds of years after Christ.)
1 Cor 15:24 The end will come when he has destroyed all authority and power. (clearly that has not happened yet, WW1 and 2 showed that the worldly powers are still here, and wars are still continuing today)
1 Cor 15:42-49 The resurrected body will be imperishable and powerful. We were like Adam (mortal flesh), we will be like Christ (Christ was seen after the resurrection, he ate, drank, could be touched).
1 Cor 15:52 At the last trumpet, dead are raised, we will be changed.
1 Thes 3:13 Jesus will come with all his holy ones.
2 Thes 1:6-7 Payback when Jesus comes with blazing fire with the angels
2 Thes 2:8 Lawless one will be revealed and Jesus will overthrow him
2 Peter 3:3-7 In the last days, people will scoff at the Second Coming. The heavens and Earth are reserved for destruction by fire, on the day of judgment. God is not slow, a thousand years is like a day.
2 Peter 3:13 We look forward to a new heaven and a new earth.
Col 1:5-6,23 Gospel is bearing fruit and growing through the whole world (doesn't say the whole world has heard it.  Some use this passage to argue it spread throughout the world.  It didn't at that time.  That took centuries.)
1 Thes 4:15-17 Those who are asleep will rise first and then those who are still alive will will be caught up with them.  Jesus will come with a trumpet. (this all happens at the same time)
2 Thes 2:1 We will be gathered to Jesus when he returns
2 Tim 4:3 Time will come when people reject sound doctrine and surround themselves with many teachers
Hebrews 9:28 He will appear a second time to bring salvation
Philipians 3:21 Our bodies will be tranformed into glorious one's
Jude 14-15 Jesus is coming with thousands of his holy one's to judge.
Rev 1:1-3 Soon to take place. (This is confusing.  Jesus said before, only the Father knew when.  Also, soon could mean anything.)
Rev 1:7 All people will see him, even those who pierced him (the Jews).  All people will mourn.
Rev 2:26 To those who continue to do his will, he will give authority over the nations
Rev 3:10 The tribulation is coming to test the inhabitants of the Earth
Rev 5:10 We will reign on the earth.
Rev 11:15 At the seventh trumpet, the last one, the world becomes the Kingdom of God and Jesus, and reign will be forever.
Rev 14:9-12 Resist the Beast and his mark. Requires patient endurance from the people of God. (during the time of tribulation)
Rev 16:14-20 Demonic spirits will go out to gather the kings of the world for battle at Armageddon, in Israel.  In verse 15 Jesus says he's coming in the middle of that.  There will be a huge earthquake that will split the great city (Jerusalem?) into three.  Huge hailstones will fall. Mountains will fall.
Rev 17:14 Kings yet to come will wage war against Christ but they will be defeated by him.
Rev 19:19-20 The Beast and kings wage war on Christ and his army. Beast and false prophet thrown into fire.
Rev 20:1-6  Satan bound for  1000 year rule of Christ.  Those that died for Christ during the tribulation, did not worship the beast, came to life and reigned with Christ. This is the first resurrection. (Note that we know from other passages that the resurrection of the dead and the living takes place at the same time. And there are only two resurrections. So, this is part of the first resurrection with other believers, dead and alive.)
Rev 20:7-10 After the 1000 years, Satan released, last war, Satan thrown into the fire.
Rev 20:11 Rest of the dead rise to judgment. Death and Hades are destroyed.
Rev 21:1-6 New heaven and new earth. New Jerusalem. God dwells with us. No more death.  Everything is being made new.
Rev 21:9-27 Jerusalem is brought down out of heaven. John measures it's dimensions. There's gates, and angels at each gate. Only the saved will be there.
Rev 22:1-5 Eden is restored. God and Jesus will be in the city. God will give his servants light, and they will rule forever.
I can't emphasize enough that the Second Coming will be visible to all and will come around the same time as the resurrection of believers and the battle of Armageddon. The majority of verses support this view. The one or two that don't fit have to be interpreted in light of everything else. What we know about history, the wars that have happened, and the spread of the Gospel through the whole world, says that the Second Coming is in the future somewhere, not in the past as some like to claim. In Armageddon all the armies of the world will gather against Israel, and Jesus doesn't return until then.  Also, those who claim  that Jesus came in AD70 are missing a huge fact; the book of Revelation was written by John while he was on the Island of Patmos, which was appoximately AD81-95 because it's understood it was the Roman emperor Demitian who banished him there.  And in the Revelation, since Jesus said his coming was in the future, we can reject any ideas about his having already come by AD70.