2007 Suzuki Bandit 1250

I bought this one from a guy in MO (while my leg was still healing; see below)... and for a small fee the guy even delivered it.  A new page of the story begins... hopefully this page will have better ending than the two previous motorcycle. 

The Rockster (The Rockster is Dead, Long Live the Rockster)
I bought it in early August of '08... a great replacement for the one below... 2004 BMW Rockster, 80 Anniversary Limited Addition, #112.

Unfortunately I waded this one up 4000 miles later on the back roads of WI in May of '09.  No photos of the messed up bike, I was too busy being carted to the ER to get my broken leg looked at.


2004 BMW R1150R Rockster with 20,000 miles on the odometer when I got it.  This thing has quite the story that goes with it; The Salvage Experience.  But, with all said and done, it was a great bike until the accident.  It's got that unique BMW soul.   Here is the before and after... The "after" being after getting rear ended and sandwiched in California on July 13, 2008... 2000 miles into the trip, one day after my Birthday... The bike was totaled...

This was the New Kid On The Block... Not mine any more...
The Big CBR

Well, after much deliberation I decided to plunk down some cash and buy this brand new 2004 CBR1000RR.  This is a picture of it just after it rolled off the delivery truck on 1/29/2005.  The hard part was waiting until the riding season started.  There was snow on the streets then, so I drove it from the end of the drive way into the garage! That gave it a total of .5 miles on the odometer.  I sold it 1/29/08.
The Old BMW R850R
My BMW R850R

Here's a picture of the  '96 BMW R850R.  It was a steal when I bought it used back in 1999.  I previously had an '80 Suzuki 750 and before that a '75 Yamaha 650.  The Yamaha was actually my first bike back when I graduated High School.

When I bought the 850 I wasn't really looking for a bike, but there it was sitting on the side of a road with a for sale sign on it.  I'd never heard of an R850R (which I guess doesn't say much for BMW's advertising) but it didn't take long before I was really impressed with the bike.  The BMW patented Para lever (I think that's what they call it) shaft drive, the anti-dive front suspension, oil cooled heads, etc..  As an engineer I can really appreciate stuff like that.

After much deliberation I sold it in June of 2005.  I'll probably regret that some day (in fact I regretted it enough to buy the Rockster... didn't I) because I'm sure this will be a great classic.  But the CBR took up my riding time, and there's no greater injustice than a motorcycle that sits around unused.  Maybe when I've had enough of the CBR I'll come back to a BMW (now those were prophetic words).

WAY Back Machine

And this is where it ALL started.  Back in 1980, with a Yamaha SX650...