Veshtzee 3.0 for .NET Screenshots
This is what you will see when you first start the game.  A new game is started by choosing Game | New Game from the main menu.


This is the Players Entry and Selection dialog and will appear when ever you start a new game. It will be blank the first time because there will be no players on record.  This example screen shows that Mary, Peter, and Peter K. have played the game before.

Any name you type in the top dialog box can be added to the Available Player List by clicking the "Add Name To Available Player List" button.

Once the names are in the Available Player List, choose who will play by clicking on the name.  Hold down Shift or Ctrl while you click to select multiples.

When the players have been selected Click on the "Play With Selected" button.

Note: Any names shown in the Available Player List will be tracked for High Scores.  The names and highest scores are stored in a file and recalled every time you start a new game.  You can select names in the Available Player List and click "Delete Selected" to completely remove any record of that player.  They will be deleted from the list and the file.

The Cancel button takes you out of the Player Entry And Selection form without starting a new game.  Any changes you make to the Available Player List will still be in effect.

This is what the screen will look like just after a new game starts.  The scorecard will be displayed with the first players name at the top. You can see the current player is Mary.

When you click on the "Roll 1" button the dice will display and the scorecard will show you how much the dice are worth if you scored them in different lines.  In this case there are two 1's, so the roll is worth 2 points if scored in the "Ones" row etc.  In this case you can also score a Small Straight because you have a 1,2,3,4 combination. 

My choice here is to save the 1,2,3,4 and roll again to see if I can get a Large Straight.   You save the dice by clicking on the one's you want to save.  They will move over to the right and will be saved.



This is what the 1,2,3,4 dice will look like after they've been saved.  You can then continue to roll until you get the dice you want or have taken your three rolls.  If you've taken three rolls then the Roll button will display a "Must Score" message and no more rolling is allowed until you score.


In the case shown here I have the Small Straight saved and I've rolled two more times but never got my Large Straight.  Now I "Must Score" and I've already clicked in the "Score" cell for the "Sm. Straight" line.  Clicking on the "Score Selected Row" at this point gives me 30 points.  

When you select a cell for scoring it will show as a gray box.  You ca see below that the "Sm. Straight" Score column shows a gray box.  Bug Alert!  Sometimes when you click on the VESHTZEE line in the "Score" column, the cell will not turn gray (blame it on Microsoft).  The line will still score correctly when you click "Score Selected Row".  



After the "Score Selected Row" button is clicked the scores will be updated as shown below. I got 30 points for the Small Straight and my totals have been updated.

Shortly after this happens the scorecard for the next player will be displayed and play can continue.



Regarding some of the other menu options.  

There is the Sound On menu.  When checked you will get a dice rolling sound when you roll the dice and you will get a ding to confirm when you have scored a line.

The Scores menu allows you to make Visible a window which will display all the players scores as the game is played.  In the case below Mary was the first player to roll and currently has a score of 30.  Peter and Peter K. haven't rolled yet so they have scores of 0.  The display will update after each player takes their turn.

On the Scores menu you also have the "Show Highs" selection.  Clicking on that will display the high scores for all the players currently on file.  The Score window will go back to showing the current game scores at the end of the next persons turn.

And finally, not illustrated below, is the Delay menu.  If you turn delay off the game will move a bit faster (for you impatient types).


These basic instructions (in text format) and other information can also be found in the Veshtzee3.txt file.