Veshtzee 2.0 Screenshots
This is what you will see when you first start the game.  A new game is started by choosing File, New Game.

This is the Players dialog and will appear when ever you start a new game. It will be blank the first time because there are no players on record.

Any name you type in the top dialog box can be added to the Player Selection List by clicking the "Add Name To List" button.

Once the names are in the Player Selection List, choose who will play by clicking on the name.  Hold down Shift or Ctrl to select multiples.

When the players have been selected Click on the "Done" button.

Note: Any names shown in the Player Selection List will be tracked for High Scores.  If you clear out a player you also clear out their high score.

This is what the screen will look like just after a new game starts.  The scorecard will be displayed with the first players name at the top.
    Ready to roll

To see the full instructions for the game look into Vesh2.txt .