Above are a couple photos I took along route 35 for the express purpose of piecing them together to try to convey the scenery.  Now that I think about it, I should have taken one more photo on each side of these shots because it still doesn't do it justice.  

As I continued riding along this route a funny thing started happening, I started getting cold. No leathers, no full face helmet, no gloves, I didn't even have a jacket and it was getting cold.  After all, why would you bring a jacket to California in the middle of summer? I did bring a sweater with me, and I had it with me on the bike, but I had already put that on.  At this point something the guy said at the car rental agency made a lot of sense.  He said that if it starts getting cold just start heading back inland.  

Yes, the car rental agency.  I had to rent a car to get from Santa Cruz to San Jose so I could pick up my bike.  Me and the guys already had a rental, but they also had plans for the day, so that was the simplest way of solving the problem.  Now, if I had only taken to heart what the guy at the rental agency said, maybe I would have stopped back at the hotel and gotten some more clothes. 

The photo on the left shows my direction of travel, as you can see it's down hill.  I was descending, getting closer to the coast, and it was noticeably colder.  At one point I started riding with my back pack on backwards. It cut some of the wind hitting my chest.  It helped but not much.