I'm sure people familiar with this part of California know all about Alice's, but it was a surprise to me and just that much more enjoyable as a result.  This particular picture was taken from across the street where I was parked.  There certainly was no shortage of Harley's.

On the road to Alice's most of the riders were sport bike riders in their full body leathers out for some serious twisties.  I also thought about that as ambulances went by several times while I was eating.  There was a fire station near by so let's hope that they were just routine calls, having nothing to do with bikes.

Of course, while I was riding, most of these guys were passing me up.  And that was perfectly fine with me cause I was there to take in the scenery.

It wasn't just guys either.  I remember one densely wooded area that had a makeshift stoplight because there was only one lane of road open.  I stopped, and next to me pulled up two crotch rockets.  On one of them was piloted by a girl in full racing leathers.  This girl was petite. She couldn't  touch the ground on both sides of the bike while she sat on it. As she was stopped there the bike was slightly leaned, her butt was slid slightly off the seat, and she was touching the toes of that foot to the ground.  That's what I call a precarious perch. 

The light turned green and they disappeared around the first curve.  

I got to thinking how California is not just a different state, it's a different world.

Anyway, when I was done with my lunch I had a decision to make.  I could continue up route 35 or take 84 toward the coast.  I decided to go down 84, but soon as I did I realized that this was a down hill trip, and since I wasn't quite ready to start heading down hill I turned around and continued up 35.  But, as you can see from the map and as I realized from the first mile down 84.  That's another road with some really nice curves.